November 11, 2011

Questions and Answers

Sometimes in life you have to ask yourself questions. Questions like: "Why are the banks closed on Veterans Day???" and "Why doesn't anyone care that the banks are closed as much as I do???" 

Today, along with those two questions, I asked myself, "What is your dream job?" The answer, well let's just say there are many...but I've narrowed them down to these lovely few right below.

1) Miley Cyrus

Can this even be considered a job? I think so! Of course I would have made better life decisions so I would still be relevant, but that doesn't change the fact that I love her and I want to be a freaking pop star almost every day of my life. Oh and she no longer wears pants I guess...

2) Makeup Artist

I'm not saying I'm good at painting people's faces, but oh boy do I love it! Why do you think I wear so much makeup all the time??

3) Costume Designer/Stylist for Glee

Holy crap do they need help dressing those humans! Plus, I'm pretty sure Sam is the only one dressed like a high school student.

4) Travel Journalist

Just me and Rick Steves....

Any of these professions would be a dream come true! Keep in mind that a window designer for department stores, celebrity stylist, and fashion editor were all on the list too, but I didn't want anyone to think that I'm superficial...

1 comment:

  1. Love it. I too would like to do all of those jobs...but I would wear pants.