January 04, 2012

So that 30 days of Christmas went well considering I actually did....one, yep, one of them.

Do do dooo! So I don't actually have anything to post about today. I just watched the Cat Daddy video. That was pretty cool. And just a little while ago I was watching Portlandia. It was way funny. Def making fun of all those hip and humble hipsters out there. I liked it. If I could find a fan page for it on facebook I'd probably like that too. I just want to go shopping like all the time but I'm so poor that I can't afford it. I think the last time I bought any clothing for myself was in like September...around Rachel's birthday. Yeah I think that really was the last time. I bought a jacket. Crazy right? I need to go shopping...I need jeans, shirts, sunday stuff, like some cool trendy stuff, a new coat that's actually warm, and some shoes. All of my stuff is just like old and stuff. Ugh...now I just really want to go shopping. What I really need is to go to the gym. That would be fun. I just checked my facebook and like everyone has way cool banner photos and I really want one. Mine is just me with my feet over my head touching the ground if that makes any sense at all and I just feel like way left out. I feel like Marcell the Shell but the second one when he's talking about nick names and how he wants one but he's not gonna like beg for one. That's how I feel about cool banner timeline photos. Sheesh I just really want to go shopping. I just can't get that off my mind. I'm like way tired right now but I don't want to go to bed but I seriously have like three things to do tomorrow and nothing to do right now. I'm so bored. I just keep typing, If anyone reads all of this I will be flattered/amazed. This is nothing like my other posts. This is straight from my brain and just typed. No editing at all. Wanna know the weirdest thing ever? This guy just added me as a friend and we had some legit friends in common so I accepted and then ten minutes later when I went to stalk him he had already deleted me. Cray cray right? Ok I just keep checking facebook and I'm getting way distracted. Anyway so I'm thinking this guy added me and then stalked me and thought "Ew, this chick is straight up weird. Delete!" or something along those lines and When I found out he deleted me I thought "Hey....:(" because he was cute and we had crazy random mutual friends who were all hot guys that don't know each other. Weird right? I kinda want to message him and be like "Hey remember when you added me and then deleted me like ten seconds later? Good times!" and just make him feel all awkward inside and super uncomfortable. Either that or he'd be like "WTFREAK?? Good thing I deleted her, she's weird!" Or then he'd add me out of pity and uncomfortable-ness. That would be funny. I'm not really going to message him though! That would be way creepy and I just don't have that kind of time! OR the lady-balls to do so! Well on that note! I'm done. If you read the whole thing leave a comment so I know.
K bye!

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  1. Amazing, truly one of the most inspiring blog posts to date! I can see who you try are, no editing, just you! Luvs, Brandon