September 13, 2011


Hi Jackie! Hi! How is your Tuesday going? Really? Man, I don't care! Mine has been great! My biology class was cancelled and I figured out who owns the super sexy black motorcycle at school! Hooray! 

Today's post will be on dopplegangers.

People tell me some pretty crazy stuff everyday, but my least favorite things to hear are who I "sort of" look like.

#1 Eva Longoria
Ok. I can kind of see it, but only when I'm super tan! I also can kind of see it because she's gorgeous and I wish I actually did look like her.

#2 Jordin Sparks
This one makes me giggle! Especially since the two people who told me said it was because of my eyebrows. Uh...good one?

#3 Rachael Ray
Ok. Finally one I can see! I think she's really pretty. (So you agree? You think you're really pretty?)

#4 Has to be my favorite though!!

EVA MENDES! Whoever it was that said this one really pulled it out of their butt.

That was fun! Remember kids, dopplegangers are all fun and games until you tell someone they look like this:

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  1. Haha! I get told I look like whatever celebrity happens to have my hair color at the time.

  2. HAHA jenna you are seriously crackinnn me up!! (so you agree? you think you're really pretty?) ohh thats good stuff. lovin the blog.
    -Jane p busk (just because my username...? well, it's iffy...)