September 14, 2011

If the Internet was my closet...

Good day to you! I know I keep blogging like errrrrrry day. I'm just trying to build it up and get it started though! Two things before I begin for real:

1: I love me a good roller backpack

2: Some crazy ginger in my music class asked our professor if jugglers in the Medieval times were like gypsies. I laughed out loud. LAWLZ!

Ok! Today I would like to steal  borrow a segment from my favorite blog! Sorry, but no, it's not yours! It's The Man Repeller! Holy jama llama do I love her! She's freaking hilarious so che-che-check it out! Ok the segment I'm borrowing is called "If the Internets Were My Closet." So here we go!

If the Internet was my closet I would be wearing (in order of layering):

Shirt: Alice +Olivia 
Dress: J. Crew $168

Belt: J. Crew $34.50

Boots: Frye $497.95

Earrings: Kate Spade New York $78

Watch: Michael Kors $250

Bangles: Nadri $63.90

Clutch: Tory Burch $365

I can only imagine how freaking beautiful this outfit would be! I would probably wear it everyday from now until November 30th. Any more and I think someone would think it was gross! The total cost for this outfit : Somewhere around $1500. A girl can dream! 

In the meantime, I will be wearing this:

That's right. I am now employed at Jamba Juice. As of one hour ago. Yay me!

Remember, go check out The Man Repeller. She will change your life!

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