September 30, 2011

The Epiphany (Not like Willow...)

If you're a Willow Smith fan then you totes get the title of this post. If not, well you better get to know that 21st Century Girl.

Today as I walked from my class back to the shuttle (yeah I know... I take the shuttle) I noticed two completely cellulite free legs walking in front of me. 

I could have punched her right in the face. 

Then it hit me!

I can almost have that too maybe!

So here is the plan, Stan! Get off the bus, Gus (and start walking maybe).

From here on out I will be less chubby! I will get a gym pass and remember to actually go, I will stop eating stuff mostly, and I will like it! 

I'll probably hate it, but I am going to try! Hooray!

We'll see how this goes.


  1. You can definitely do it! I like this plan you've started. Have a layout of what you are going to do and you'll be great Walk more, eat right, and work out correctly All good things